Pastor's Update 

A pastor has many opportunities to share God's Word with God's people.  Probably the most recognized is when he is up front in church preaching on a text from Scripture.  But there are other times and places where your pastor shares God's Word.

One of those places is in teaching a class.  For instance, last evening I was teaching the sixth and seventh graders in our Confirmation Class.  It is very rewarding to hear and see these young people grow in their understanding of God's plan of salvation.  The Holy Spirit is working on their hearts as they grow in faith in their Savior Jesus Christ.

Another opportunity to share God's Word is when I make visits to members in the hospital.  Whether young or old, the member who is receiving medicine and treatments for an illness or injury also needs comfort for his or her spirit.  That comfort is found in the Word of the Lord.  Again, the Holy Spirit works through the Scriptures to remind the child of God that he or she is being cared for by the heavenly Father.

As I said, there are many opportunities for a pastor to share God's Word.  It is my hope that you will take hold of those opportunities to hear that Word of our Lord by attending church on Sunday mornings and for special services, that you will learn more about your salvation by attending one of the Bible classes, and that you will call me, your pastor, whenever you might be in the hospital so that I might bring the Word of God to you.